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One of the best parts about being a wedding photographer is that I get to work very closely with each and every couple I work with.  

We firmly believe that when you're hiring your photographer, you are not only hiring them for their vision and style, you're also hiring someone you will feel comfortable spending time photographing you and your families on one of the most important days of your life.

Our approach to photography is a healthy mix of lifestyle, formal, and photojournalistic photographs. We strive to create photographs that represent the pure romance and joy of your wedding day and we shoot continuously documenting all of the wedding bliss as it unfolds. We set you up for some poses during the couples' portraits but we love having the opportunity of capturing those sweet, sincere moments so we just let you be you and we give prompts along the way.

We don't think of you as just another wedding or shot list. Instead, we invest our time in getting to know you and your wedding dreams to make them a reality.  

what can you expect when working with me?

I listen to you to get to know you and your story and get SO excited to hear all the fun details you're planning for one of the best days of your lives. I'm a strong believer in relationships and I want to get to know you and everything you're about. 


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I am here to help YOUR vision come to life and ensure your day runs smoothly. I will spend quality time guiding you through the entire wedding planning and photography process from the moment you book to the moment you receive your handcrafted albums or prints. I'm helping every single step of the way, from obsessing over the little details like hand placement or ensuring the train of your dress is behaving in the gusty wind, your bridesmaids' hair elastic is off her wrist, and making sure my brides are keeping hydrated or eating to keep you going strong.

more than just taking photos

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I firmly believe the best moments and images captured happen when you're totally unapologetically yourselves. This is why I find it important to utilize the engagement session offered because I don't want us to feel like strangers! I want you to see my goofy side, my serious side, and everything in between so you're not being photographed by some girl you hired off the internet, you're being photographed by a friend.

treating you like family

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I do everything I can to keep you as relaxed and stress free as possible! This means that I'll plan out your timeline down to the minute, will help in deciding portrait locations and areas that have the best lighting, and will help facilitate the implementation of the timeline in coordination with your other vendors to keep your day running smoothly.


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I believe in printing your images and displaying them in your home to share those moments with your family and friends. This is why every Wedding Collection includes beautiful heirloom albums and prints so you can pass them on for generations to come!

belief in printing images

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the wedding photography

01. in-person or phone consultation

After our initial correspondence, we will have a face-to-face or phone consultation to go over all of the details, you can learn more about me and how I work, and I can learn all about the wedding you've been planning and the vision you have for the day. I like to ensure that we are a perfect match! To move forward with booking, we will go over the contract, and once the 25% retainer has been received, I'm officially yours!  

02. your engagement session

Your Engagement Session is a reflection on you as a couple, and will be the best way for us to truly to get to know each other. Honestly, how often do you get to be dressed up and have a camera follow you around for an afternoon? I like to make these sessions personal to you as a couple. Do you love the Patriots? Bring your favorite jerseys along with you. Did you meet (or were you proposed to) on the high school football field? Let's have our session there! Are you wine and cheese connoisseurs? Let's have a picnic-inspired session with your favorite wine and cheese! You get the idea :) The most important part to this for me is ensuring you are both comfortable, having fun and that I get to capture your love story! 


About six weeks before your wedding I will send you a questionnaire that you can use while planning all the final details, so that we can know exactly what you will need as far as photography is concerned. Having a timeline set beforehand will allow me (and you!) to know when and where I will need to be on your wedding day so there are no surprises. We will have another meeting or phone conversation a few weeks before the wedding to create (or adjust) your wedding day timeline, answer any last minute questions, and ensure that I have all the details that I need.  

04. your wedding day

On your wedding day, this is when I step in and do what I do best! I will capture the love and emotions of such a beautiful day. I will be there for all of the important moments of the day from the time your fiance sees you for the first time to your first dance, and dancing with your parents, as well as ensuring all of those little details you spent so much time creating, are captured. 

05. after your wedding

Following your wedding, I will lightly retouch all of your wedding images. This is where the rest of the magic happens. I work to ensure the photos are as perfect as can be. I will share sneak peeks to Facebook within a few days of your wedding so you can enjoy a photo or two before heading off to the tropical location you chose for your honeymoon! Once your photos are ready, you will receive a link to your online gallery where you can view all of your photos in the different portions of the day and download all of the high resolution images. You will also receive your images on a USB if you choose to. 

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